Tianjin Hengyu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Airport Economic Zone, is a focus on OCT and ultrasound imaging equipment technology research and development, production and sales of medical equipment of high-tech enterprises. The company has a complete R & D, production, marketing and service network system, with independent intellectual property rights and core manufacturing technology, OCT IVUS OCT, cardiovascular angiography and other industry-leading products for medical units, we insist on doing a medical root, feelings of the enterprise, the benefit of mankind. The future will further explore hanyo cardiovascular field, from detection to treatment. From the heart of people full of passion and hope hanyo, for human health to go on.

Industry leading

The company has the leading global level of endoscopic OCT technology, angiography OCT technology and polarization sensitive OCT technology and other functional OCT technology, applied for a number of invention patents and PCT international patents. The company's cardiovascular OCT, IVUS, OCT micro angiography, digestive tract OCT and other products in the domestic R & D are in the first echelon, of which OCT micro angiography is currently the exclusive product in china.

Talent reserve

The company's core team brought together a large number of engineering and technical personnel, combines the fast swept laser technology, optical design and processing technology, high-speed data acquisition and processing technology, interventional catheter technology, image processing and reconstruction technology, and precision mechanical design and processing technology etc..

Core experts engaged in related fields for nearly 20 years, at home and abroad have R & D laboratory, and the global bio imaging experts have close cooperation, with a number of institutions, research institutes and hospitals, such as the establishment of strategic cooperation.

R & D capability

The company has a strong sustainable R & D capabilities, has first-class precision manufacturing technology in the country, and closely cooperate with various research institutions, focusing on the OCT and ultrasound and other imaging equipment products and equipment research and development, and established a complete R & D system.