Start from the heart

Feel for others

From the clinical needs, listen attentively to the voice of doctors and patients

Treat sincerely

Treat employees with love, treat customers with sincerity, to treat patients with heart, to utter innocence and social returns.

Be involved

With 100 percent enthusiasm, 100 percent of professional, wholeheartedly into the medical and health undertakings

Explore with heart

Explore the unknown field of medical technology diligently and keep forging ahead for the health of mankind.

Foresee the future by reivewing the past

Emulate those better than oneself

Cultivate first-class management talents in the industry and build world class medical enterprises

Bring forth the new through the old

Take its essence, to its dross, elaborate, excellence, inheritance craftsman spirit, and constantly pursue medical technology innovation and technological progress

Precise diagnosis and treatment

Hengyu is committed to the development of high-tech medical products, achieve accurate diagnosis and treatment purposes.

March forward for love

By love, love is not only a forward, hanyo medical high-tech enterprise, is committed to escort the messenger of love life.