HS-100 Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), the most widely used intravascular imaging technique, is known as "optical biopsy" (HS-100)". OCT can be used not only for preoperative evaluation of cardiovascular diseases, but also for accurate clinical imaging of PCI and postoperative follow-up. HS-100 has a number of national technical patents, dual hardware and software research and development, in scanning speed, accuracy and imaging effect and many other aspects, to bring the user the best experience effect. At the same time with optimized software settings, to bring continuous perfect service for users.
Clinical image
OCT product hardware component analysis
9.5 inch double-sided widescreen display
Equipped with high quality double-sided wideband display to achieve the best visual effect
Port / connector / door / cable slot
2 USB data interfaces +1 high definition interface + cable interface
OCT product software features
Product video