Silver river成像导管
Silver River optical coherence tomography catheter is used in conjunction with HS-100OCT imaging system. It has higher technical breakthrough in imaging accuracy, stability and imaging site selection compared with similar products, which greatly improves the operation convenience and operation stability.
Silver river成像导管 point
High precision imaging
The special protective sleeve design can effectively ensure the precision of the turning lens obtained by the probe, and improve the imaging accuracy.
High strength structure
Increase the probe strength, can be applied to complex, narrow, bend lesions.

Elimination of nonuniform rotational distortion (NURD)
The special structure design can reduce the distortion caused by high speed rotation and obtain better blood vessel image
Good operability
The hydrophilic coating and the 0.86mm low diameter catheter make the catheter pass smoothly.
Extend withdrawal distance
The length of the retracement 90mm can be used to observe the long lesion, reduce the number of retracement and the amount of contrast agent.
Silver river成像导管 spec